Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co., Ltd.

About Us

Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co., Ltd.-Testing Instrument Division, established in 2011, is a complete set of testing equipment for PVC, WPC, SPC plastic floor industry laboratories jointly established by professionals with many years of electronic technology and instrument research and development. A high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development and manufacturing.

The floor special instruments and equipment that the company mainly deals in are: laboratory environment tester, element detection combined instrument, special floor residual concavity meter, lock size tester, straight line angle tester, microcomputer push-pull meter, static bending strength Tester, high-precision image projector, caster tester, falling ball tester, falling sand meter, 90 degree, peel strength tester, scratch tester, abrasion tester, etc. General instruments include gloss meter, whiteness meter, energy meter, hydrometer, infrared thermometer, viscometer, thickness meter, depth meter, analytical balance, caliper, feeler gauge and other instruments and equipment, and the products are highly targeted. , A wide variety, complete functions, excellent quality, sufficient inventory, after-sales guarantee and other advantages. With the joint efforts of the company and many customers, the products and services are becoming more and more perfect, and they are trusted by the majority of PVC plastic floor manufacturers. They have been invited to many famous The on-site guidance of plastic flooring companies has been warmly praised, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces (accepted by Meizhe, Respironics, Bell, Tianzhen, Hailide, Walrus, Jingtong, Meiyasi, Jumeijia and other companies) Influential in the PVC plastic floor industry.