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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Desktop projector: This is one of the most common projectors, it generally requires the help of a suitable height support platform to place the projector.
  • Portable projector: The brightness should be lower, and the function has always been emphasized to be practical, and only necessary functions are retained. This is because they must reduce or even sacrifice some non-essential equipment as much as possible to reduce weight.
  • Floor-standing projector: It can be placed directly on the ground and can be used directly without the aid of additional supports. Of course, it is larger in size
  • Reflective projector: Its light source is located above the projection sheet, and the light is reflected by the projection sheet to finally form an image. Since the light passes through the projection sheet twice, the light density is doubled, and the projected image has a large contrast. The colors are particularly saturated.
  • Transmissive projector: Its light source is located under the projection sheet, and the light passes through the projection sheet to form an image.

Product Details

The following is the introduction of the projector:

Product name: Projector

Product model: 10X. 20X

Weight: 100000.00 grams

Unit of measurement: Taiwan

Scope of application: home, office, school, factory laboratory.


LCD projectors are divided into liquid crystal panels and liquid crystal light valves. Liquid crystal is a substance between liquid and solid. It does not emit light. Its working properties are greatly affected by temperature. Its working temperature is -55ºC~+77ºC. The projector uses the photoelectric effect of liquid crystal, that is, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules changes under the action of an electric field, which affects the transmittance or reflectivity of its liquid crystal cell, and affects its optical properties when it is slaved to produce different gray levels and colors. image.


Projectors are classified according to the application environment of the projector, and are mainly divided into the following five categories:


Application environment of the projector:


1. Home theater type: It is mainly optimized for video. Its characteristics are that the brightness is about 1000 lumens, the contrast is high, the aspect ratio of the projection is 16:9, and the various video ports are complete, suitable for playing movies and High-definition TV, suitable for home users. 2. Portable business projector: Generally, a projector weighing less than 2 kilograms is defined as a business portable projector. This weight is comparable to a thin and light notebook computer. The advantages of business portable projectors are small size, light weight, and strong mobility. It is a substitute for traditional slide projectors and large and medium-sized projectors. The combination of thin and light notebook computers with business portable projectors is what mobile business users are doing. The first choice for mobile business presentations.


2. Educational conference projector: generally positioned in schools and corporate applications, with mainstream resolution, brightness of about 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, good heat dissipation and dust resistance, suitable for installation and short-distance movement, functions The interface is relatively rich, easy to maintain, and the performance-price ratio is relatively high, which is suitable for mass purchase and popular use.


3. Mainstream engineering projectors: Compared with mainstream ordinary projectors, engineering projectors have larger projection areas, longer distances, and high brightness, and generally support multi-bulb mode, which can better cope with large The changeable installation environment is very suitable for education, media and government.


4. Professional theater type projectors: This type of projector pays more attention to stability, emphasizes low failure rate, and has strong heat dissipation performance, network functions, and ease of use. Of course, in order to adapt to various professional applications, the main feature of the projector is its high brightness. Its brightness can generally reach more than 5000 lumens, and the higher one can exceed 10,000 lumens. Due to its large size and heavy weight, it is usually used for special purposes, such as theaters, museums, halls, public areas, and can also be used in environments such as traffic monitoring, public security command centers, fire control centers, and air traffic control centers.


5. Measuring projector: This type of projector is different from the above several types of projectors. In the early days, it was called contour projector. With the popularization of grating rulers, projectors are equipped with high-precision grating rulers, and people are also called measuring projectors ( Or projectors, such as the CPJ-3015 produced by Gaocheng Company, the more famous domestic measurement projector. To distinguish it from traditional projectors, this type of projector is called a measurement projector. Its function is mainly to form a magnified projector through light transmission of product parts, and then use standard film or grating ruler to determine the size of the product. Due to the development of industrialization, this measuring projector has become one of the most commonly used measuring instruments in the manufacturing industry. Scheduled projection methods are divided into vertical projectors and horizontal projectors. According to different comparison standards, it is divided into contour projector and digital projector.

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