Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co., Ltd.

About Us

 Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , ltd.-the testing equipment division was established in 2011. It is a professional testing equipment brand center jointly established by professionals of electronic technology and equipment r & D for many years, set Research, development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the high-tech enterprises.

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 Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , Ltd. mainly deals in laboratory equipment, including: Test Bench, laboratory environment tester, constant temperature and humidity chamber, aging tester, element detection combination instrument, floor residual depression meter, dimension tester, straight line angle tester, high-precision image projector, wheelchair tester, falling ball tester, falling sand tester, 90 degree peel strength tester, scratch tester, wear tester, blasting tester, tensile tester and other high-tech products.


The company operates a wide range of high quality instruments and equipment, including glossometers, whiteness meters, Energy Meters, densimeters, thermometers, viscometers, thickness meters, hardness meters, depth meters, high-precision electronic balance, caliper, gauge and so on.


 Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , Ltd. has many advantages, such as wide application, strong pertinence, wide variety, complete functions, excellent quality, sufficient stock, reasonable price and after-sales guarantee. With the joint efforts of Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , Ltd. and many customers, our products and services are becoming more and more perfect. Have been invited to visit a number of well-known enterprises to provide advice and on-site guidance, has been the majority of customers, welcome new and old customers call letter advice:86+ 13712847488 Mr. Zheng