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Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , ltd.-testing equipment division, established in 2011, it is a high-tech Enterprise, which is specialized in testing equipment, research, development and manufacture of PVC, WPC, SPC plastic floor industry laboratory. The company mainly engaged in the floor of the special equipment are: laboratory environment experimental equipment, element detection instrument, special residual depression meter, lock size tester, linear angle detector, microcomputer push-pull force meter, static bending strength tester, high-precision image projector, caster testing machine, ball drop tester, sand meter, 90 degrees, peel strength tester, scratch resistance tester, wear resistance tester, etc. . General purpose instruments include glossometers, whiteness meters, Energy Meters, hydrometers, infrared thermometers, viscometers, thickness gauges, depth gauges, analytical scales, caliper gauges and gauge gauges, products with targeted, diverse, full-featured, excellent quality, sufficient inventory, after-sales protection and other advantages, in the company and many customers work together to improve products and services, the vast majority of PVC plastic flooring manufacturers trust, has been invited many well-known plastic flooring enterprises on-site guidance, by warm praise, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area famous (by Meizhe, Weikang, Bell, Tianzhen, Highley de, Walrus, Jingtong, Mayas, Jumeijia and other enterprises praise) in the PVC plastic flooring industry quite influential.
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Since the establishment of the company development, production, sales, maintenance kimono by the outside world

Contact Person:  Mr. Zheng

Department: Business Department

Post: Sales Manager

Telephone: +86 13712847488

Landline: +86 13717173764

Company Address: Room 101, 33 Zhenma Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,China


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