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Five Advantages Of Products

  • In the field of coatings, as well as many other industries producing liquid or non-solid materials, the emerging and rapidly developing market and demand have led to the development of new innovative products.

  • At present, many of these products are produced with complex formula of raw materials and technology, so that the quality is getting better and better

  • In view of this, viscosity control becomes more complex among many important material properties to be considered

  • In rheological science, viscosity measurement plays a key role in understanding the flow characteristics of materials and their response to some applied stresses

  • Cairn cup was originally designed to rapidly evaluate the viscosity and consistency of products that conform to or nearly conform to Newtonian mechanical properties. According to the production quality

Product Details

Product introduction: The Zeen cup is a common tool for measuring the viscosity of liquids. It is based on the relevant provisions of the American Society for Testing and Materials Paint and Raw Material Standard ASTM No. D4212-93 "Standard Test Method for Immersion Viscosity Cups" and combined with the actual Manufactured.

Appearance size: 380×70×80mm (length×width×height)

Cup body size: 36-50mm, height: 62.5mm

Cup body material: stainless steel

Meet the standards: ASTM D 1084, ASTM D4212

Weight: 0.14Kg

Applicable range: ink, printing laboratory, factory to test the viscosity of Newtonian or similar to Newtonian liquid

The characteristics and purchase of Cai En Cup:

1. Each Zion cup has a long handle, which is easy to immerse the viscosity cup in the liquid, and can quickly measure and adjust the viscosity of different types of liquids.

2. Easy to clean, there are no recesses that are difficult to clean in the structure of the outflow cup wall and outflow hole.

3. Please select the appropriate Zion cup according to the tested liquid, or other viscometers.

Cup No. 1: Suitable for very dilute liquid

Cup No. 2: Thin oil, mixed paint, varnish

Cup three: medium viscosity, mixed paint, varnish

Cup four: thicker fluids and mixtures

Cup No. 5: particularly viscous fluids and mixtures.


How to use Cai En Cup:

1) The temperature of the liquid to be tested is 25 degrees Celsius, and during the test it is necessary to ensure that the temperature fluctuation is minimal and cannot exceed +/-0.2 degrees Celsius. If necessary, adjust the temperature of the liquid to be measured.

2) Choose a viscosity cup with a suitable aperture. Immerse the viscosity cup in the liquid to be measured, and the body of the cup must be completely immersed in the liquid.

3) Measure and record the temperature of the liquid in the viscosity cup with a thermometer.

4) Remove the thermometer.

5) Lift the ring on the handle with your index finger to make the viscosity cup vertical. Lift the viscosity cup quickly and steadily, and press the stopwatch when the viscosity cup leaves the liquid surface. During the outflow process, the height of the viscosity holding cup cannot be 15 cm higher than the liquid level.

6) When observing that the flow beam is cut off for the first time, stop the timing.

Analysis of the measurement results of the Cai En cup:

Count the time from the upper end of the cup away from the liquid surface. When the liquid flows out, keep the cup vertical and the distance from the liquid surface should not exceed 150mm. Stop timing when there is a break point, and the seconds of outflow time represent a certain magnitude of viscosity value. The difference between the two measured values should be less than 5% of the average.

Precautions for the use of Cai En Cup:

1. Choose the correct Zion cup according to the measured liquid concentration.

2. When the measured liquid viscosity assessment may involve hazardous materials, operations and equipment. The executor is responsible for establishing appropriate safety and health regulations and establishing applicable regulations.

3. The Zeen cup can be used for many years. To clean the viscosity cup, please use a soft cloth. Do not use wire brushes, sandpaper or other abrasive tools. It is especially important to clean the outflow holes to remove residues and avoid scratching them. The inner surface can extend its service life.

4. Clean the Zion cup correctly after each use (except for the case of repeated testing immediately).

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