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Instrument panel indicator D3 / Automobile dial instrument / Car meter
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Dial type goniometer, small size, easy to measure. Imported from Japan, with reliable precision

  • Intelligent transmitter has a variety of complex calculation functions, depending on internal microprocessor and memory, it can perform square root, temperature and pressure compensation and various complex calculations.

  • The communicator can find out the fault result information of transmitter self diagnosis.

  • Many important measurement and control instruments, such as gyro turntable, inertial navigation platform, theodolite, star tracker, radar, missile launcher

  • The angle sensor is generally needed in robot and other systems

Product Details

The following is a dial angle meter:

Basic parameters of dial goniometer:

Product name: Dial angle meter (level)

Product model: A-600

Weight: 1000.00g

Unit of measurement: Taiwan

Scope of application: Angle test of ports, power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry

Dial angle meter, small size, convenient for measurement. Imported from Japan, the accuracy is reliable, and its measuring angle also has an angle ruler.

Dial goniometer.jpg

Features of A-600 dial goniometer::

With a vernier scale line, it can quickly and accurately measure the angle.

Specification: A-600

Accuracy: ±0.6°

Minimum reading value: 5 minutes (about ±0.08°)

Body material: aluminum alloy

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