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Aging tester / Humidity Chamber / Floor tester
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • American original imported sandpaper

  • Accessories for rubber, floor and shoe materials tested by the Taber Abrasion Tester

  • Taber grinding wheel elastic wheel correction sandpaper

  • Abrasion tester grinding wheel and abrasive strip can be used to test wear

  • Use of rubber, floor and shoe materials

Product Details

The following is sandpaper CS-11:

Product introduction:

Product name: TABER pre-frosted paper CS-11

Don't say: TABER grinding wheel elastic wheel correction sandpaper.

Brand: TABER

Place of production: United States

Quantity: 100 pieces per box

Grid: Diameter: 4 inches (10cm)

Grain Degree: No. 150

Compliance with standards: DIN-53754, 53799, 53109, 52347, TAPPI-T476, ASTM-D4157.

Scope of application: accessories used by TABER abrasion tester for rubber, floor and shoe materials, sandpaper imported from the United States So that the grinding wheel can reach the standard wear in the test.

Other similar product packaging options available:

American TABER sandpaper CS-11: 100 pieces/box

American TABER sandpaper CS-14: 50 pieces/box

American TABER sandpaper CS-33: 100 strips/box

American TABER sandpaper CS-42: 100 strips/box


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