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Five Advantages Of Products

  • There are two types of thermometers, one is a one-piece thermometer, the other is a split-piece thermometer. The instrument is portable, stylish and hand-held, making it difficult to Environmental monitoring on site.

  • Digital display, no parallax, wide range of measurement, high split ratio.

  • Automatic memory of the higher and lower values of humidity and temperature and the first measurement value.

  • Consolidation of purchase, rough, inconvenient to carry. Parts of the selected durable electronic components; Shell using a light and strong ABS plastic, beautiful generous appearance, easy to use.

  • Using advanced technology, such as microcomputer technology, anti-disturbance technology, to complete the speed and precision measurement.

Product Details

The following is the TA-138 memory thermometer and hygrometer:

Product introduction:

Product name: TA-138 memory temperature and humidity meter

Product model number: TA138, TA138B

Weight: 200.00 grams

Measure unit: Taiwan

Applicable range: temperature detection in industry, agriculture, meteorology, medical treatment and daily life

Operation method of thermometer and hygrometer:

1. Turn on the computer, put the CD-ROM that came with it into the CD-ROM drive to install the recorder application software (see the software manual for details).

2. If the thermo-hygrometer is an external sensor, connect the aviation plug of the sensor to the aviation socket of the thermo-hygrometer. (Please pay attention to the matching of pins and sockets).

3. Connect the thermometer and hygrometer to the USB port of the computer with the attached communication cable.

4. Run the application software of the thermometer and hygrometer on the computer, start the thermometer and hygrometer, and set the recording start time, recording period, stop time, stop mode of the thermometer and hygrometer and other parameters you need (for specific software usage, see Software Use Manual).

5. Note: Choose normal mode/power saving mode according to the time interval you set. It is recommended to use power saving mode to work.

6. After the setting is completed, disconnect the thermometer and hygrometer from the computer, place the thermometer and hygrometer on the occasion that needs to be tested, and the thermometer and hygrometer will start to record automatically (you can also not work offline and display the temperature change on the computer in real time).

7. After the test is completed, connect the thermometer and hygrometer to the computer, run the thermometer and hygrometer application software, and download the recorded data to the computer for data processing.

Temperature and humidity measurement range:

Indoor: -10°C~70°C (14°F ~122°F)

Humidity measurement range: 25%RH~98%RH

Accuracy: ±1°C±5%RH

Appearance size: 11.6X6X1.9cm

Liquid crystal size: 39X15.5mm

How to use memory thermometer and hygrometer:

1. There is a hanging buckle and supporting plate behind the thermometer and hygrometer, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the table.

2. Open the battery cover on the back of the thermometer and hygrometer to install a 7# battery, and it will gradually automatically adjust to the normal temperature and humidity of the current environment. The back of the machine has a push system to switch the temperature ℃/℉ display mode.

3. MAX health: display the highest temperature and humidity in memory

MIN health: display the lowest humidity and humidity in memory

RESET key: When displaying the highest or lowest memory value, press once to clear the memory value.

4. When MAX/MIN is displayed, it will exit after 10 seconds, normal induction test.

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