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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation

  • Easy to use, with a small amount of samples, cleaning, intuitive reading, temperature control accuracy of 0.20c. The instrument is suitable for the quality control of paint products and the test of construction viscosity

  • High Automation, complete performance, easy to operate, can directly simulate the actual industrial process, and X-Y-T recorder can automatically record and draw rheological curve and determine yield value

  • Direct measurement of the absolute viscosity of liquid, measurement range is wide, portable measurement. There are 15 different rotational speeds for general rheological study. Top speed, 360 RPM

  • High Shear rate, up to 10,000 seconds

Product Details

The following is an introduction to the rotational viscometer:

Product name: Rotational Viscometer

Product model: NDJ-1

Weight: 10000.00 grams

Unit of measurement: Taiwan

Scope of application: Viscosity detection of optical glass, metallic glass, ceramics, metal, slag, etc.

How to use viscometer (commonly used viscometers can be divided into pointer viscometer and digital display viscometer):

1. The viscometer must be kept level

2. Avoid air bubbles when the rotor is put into the sample, otherwise the measured viscosity value will be reduced. The method to avoid is to put the rotor into the sample at an angle, and then install the rotor. The rotor cannot touch the wall and bottom of the cup. The sample to be measured must not pass the specified scale

3. When measuring different samples again, the rotor must be kept clean and dry. If the rotor has other samples or residual water after cleaning, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

4. The maximum acidity (PH) should not exceed 2. If the acidity is too high, a special rotor should be used. When using ULA, determine the sample size (only 16ml)

5. Select the viscosity standard liquid according to the measured viscosity range, and verify the viscometer before each use of the viscometer or rheometer, or check it regularly to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. The viscosity range can be provided in accordance with Newton Fluid nature of silicone oil or oil standard products, accuracy ±1%, the recommended use period of viscosity standard fluid is one year from opening

6. When connecting the rotor, use your left hand to gently hold up and pinch the mandrel (on the host), and rotate the rotor with your right hand. This operation is to protect the mandrel and hairspring in the viscometer body, which can prolong the service life of the viscometer.

7. The value should be selected when the value is relatively stable, otherwise the obtained value will have a large error

8. When selecting a rotor, the viscosity of the sample to be measured should be the closest to the measuring range of the rotor.

Technical parameters of viscometer:

1. Voltage: 220V 50HZ

2. Blade size: 54*7.9*0.8

3. Container capacity: ≈50cml

4. Weight weight: 5g~500g

5. Dimensions: 220*220*390 (length*width*height)

6. Weight: 10KG

Precautions for installing viscometer:

1. Be careful when loading and unloading the rotor. When loading and unloading, the connecting screw should be slightly lifted for operation. Do not use excessive force, and do not force the rotor laterally to avoid bending the rotor.

2. Please do not put the viscometer with the rotor on its side or upside down.

3. Keep the connecting end surface and thread of the connecting screw and the rotor clean, otherwise it will affect the shaking of the rotor.

4. When the viscometer is raised and lowered, the hand should be supported to prevent the viscometer from falling due to its own weight.

5. After replacing the rotor, please enter the new rotor number in time. After each use, the replaced rotor should be cleaned (wiped clean) in time and returned to the rotor frame. Please do not leave the rotor on the viscometer for cleaning.

6. When changing the measured liquid, please clean (wipe clean) the rotor and the rotor protection frame in time to avoid measurement errors caused by the mixing of the measured liquid.

7. The viscometer and the rotor are matched one to one, please do not confuse several viscometers and rotors.

8. Please do not disassemble and adjust the viscometer parts at will.

9. When moving and transporting the viscosity meter, install the yellow cap on the connecting screw, tighten the screw, and put it in the packing box.

10. After installing the rotor, please do not rotate it for a long time without liquid to avoid damage to the shaft tip.

11. Many of suspensions, emulsions, polymers and other high-viscosity liquids are "non-Newtonian liquids", and their viscosity changes with changes in conditions such as shear speed and time. The inconsistency between the results measured under time and the time is normal and not a viscosity meter error. The determination of non-Newtonian liquids generally should specify the rotor, speed and time.

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