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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The circuit of the aging tester (oven) adopts high-quality electronic components and high-efficiency energy-saving heating elements;

  • There are 2 air holes on the top of the aging tester (oven), the left side is the air inlet, and the right side is the air outlet, so that the smell of the water can be discharged, and it also has an explosion-proof effect;

  • New circuit of dual temperature controller for aging testing machine: implementation of mutual inspection principle;

  • The industrial control circuit of the aging tester adopts safety insurance. If the circuit breaks, the entire oven cannot work;

  • The dual temperature controllers of the aging testing machine work to check the temperature control to prevent the working temperature control from failing: instead of making it normal. There is a small explosion-proof door behind the aging tester (oven), please do not lean against the wall, keep 20 cm.

Product Details

Company Profile:

To Welcome to "Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co., Ltd.", the company was established in 2011, professionally equipped with a complete set of testing equipment, research, development, and professional manufacturing of high-tech equipment in the PVC, WPC, and SPC plastic floor industry laboratory. The company’s main floor special instruments and equipment are: constant temperature and humidity test box, aging tester, residual concavity meter, size tester, push-pull force meter, scratch resistance tester, abrasion tester, UV energy meter, hydrometer, Infrared thermometer, gloss meter, color meter, viscometer, thickness meter, depth meter, density meter and other instruments and equipment. The company specializes in testing equipment products with favorable quality, reasonable prices, sufficient warehouses, etc., with strong strength, high-quality after-sales and other service characteristics, it has won the trust of customers, and has become a leading PVC floor company "Taiwan Meizhe International Enterprise Co., Ltd. ", "Jiangsu Bell Decoration Materials Co., Ltd." "Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd." and other designated high-quality supply units!

Brief introduction of aging test machine:

The aging test machine, commonly known as oven, is laboratory equipment, which uses high-power light sources and water to simulate long-term external exposure to test the service life of the product.

Use of aging tester:

1) Over-temperature device: When the working thermostat fails or malfunctions and the temperature is higher than the set temperature, it will automatically alarm and cut off the power to ensure product safety and avoid accidents. But the over-temperature setting temperature must be 50-60℃ higher than the working temperature control.

2) Timeout alarm:- It will automatically alarm when the time reaches the set value.

3) Over-temperature alarm: -When the working temperature is higher than the over-temperature, it will automatically alarm.

4) Timeout switch:-It can be turned on when the alarm is required, and turned off when not needed.

5) Over-temperature switch:-It can be turned on when an alarm is needed, and turned off when not needed.

6) Working thermostat:-Used to control the internal temperature of the oven. When the temperature reaches the set value, the working thermostat will automatically stop heating. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the working thermostat will automatically turn on the heating power.

7) Ammeter:-Check whether the current required by the wires of each phase, the current required by the motor and the heating tube are working properly.

8) Timer: -H/means hours, M/means minutes, S/means seconds, (the one with a bar under H/M/S is `countdown timer`) first set the required time value, and then turn it on The timer switch can take effect. When overtime, it can alarm and power off and stop heating.

9) Timing switch:-can be turned on when timing is needed, and turned off when not needed.

10) Heating switch:-Control the heating of the heating tube, and can be turned off when it is not heating.

11) Heating indication: -It means heating.

12) Constant temperature indication: -It means that the heating is stopped and the heat preservation is in progress.

13) Power indicator: -Turn on the power switch and the power indicator lights up.

14) Fuse:-protects the motor and panel controller.

15) Power on: -It means that the display panel is powered on and the fan is turned on.

16) Power off: -means the fan, and the panel stops working.

aging test machine operating instructions

  1. According to customer requirements: select the input voltage 380VAC/220VAC;

  2. Turn on the power switch;

  3. At this time, the power indicator will be on, indicating that the machine has entered the standby state, but the motor is running;

  4. Set the temperature value required by the working thermostat to 0-200℃;

  5. Set the over-temperature setting The temperature value must be greater than the work temperature value of the working thermostat by 50-60℃;

  6. Turn on the heating switch to make the industrial control circuit work normally;

  7. When the temperature value meets the requirements, set the time value when timing is needed, turn on the timer switch, and make the timer work;

  8. When the chronograph reaches the set time value, it will automatically stop heating. If the overtime alarm is turned on, the alarm will sound;

  9. If you need to continue to transport the wind, just turn on the power switch;

  10. The air inlet and air outlet cannot be closed, and they should be opened appropriately to expel moisture, water and odor, and also for explosion protection.


  1. Turn off the power when the aging tester is not in use for a long time.

  2. The aging tester should be placed in a well-ventilated environment, which is conducive to heat dissipation when the oven is working for a long time.

  3. The high voltage danger of the aging tester: please do not disassemble the circuit control panel shell by yourself to avoid electric shock.

  4. Any part of the aging testing machine should be repaired by professionals.

  5. The aging testing machine should be handled with care during transportation to avoid man-made damage.

Panel function of aging tester

  1. Over-temperature device

  2. Overtime alarm

  3. Over temperature alarm

  4. Timeout switch

  5. Over temperature switch

  6. Working thermostat

  7. Ammeter

  8. Timer

  9. Timing switch

  10. Heating switch

  11. Hot indication

  12. Constant temperature indication

  13. Power indicator

  14. Fuse

  15. Power on

  16. Power off