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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Tool ruler includes: linear ruler, protractor, triangle ruler, level ruler, square ruler, T-shaped ruler, etc.

  • The tool ruler is a commonly used measuring tool in inspection and scribing work. It is used to detect the verticality of the workpiece and the verticality of the relative position of the workpiece. It is a professional measuring tool.

  • Tool rulers generally include rulers for teaching and learning, rulers for clothing cutting, woodworking rulers suitable for carpenter inspections, special squares or T-shaped rulers suitable for verticality inspections of machine tool machinery and parts.

  • The materials used for different purposes of tool rulers are also different. The rulers used for learning and teaching are generally made of plastic products. The rulers used for clothing cutting are generally made of soft rulers or tapes. The woodworking rulers used by carpenters are generally stainless steel tapes. Mechanical equipment and special industries are generally used. Special materials are used to make squares or T-shaped rulers.

  • Commonly used tool rulers such as teaching rulers, clothing cutting rulers, and stainless steel tapes are always in stock. For special industries with special requirements, square rulers (such as machine tools, plastic products, hardware products) or T-shaped rulers need to be ordered at least one week in advance.

Product Details

Introduction of tool ruler:

Tool ruler is a commonly used measuring tool in inspection and marking work, used to detect the perpendicularity of the workpiece and the perpendicularity of the relative position of the workpiece, is a professional measuring tool, according to different industries, marking ruler generally includes tool ruler, measuring square, triangle ruler, level, straight ruler, T ruler, etc., among which the straight ruler and T ruler are used for the verticality test of machine tools, mechanical equipment and parts. Installation, machining, positioning, marking and so on are important measuring tools in mechanical industry.


Tool ruler in the straight square for short, in some occasions also known as the ruler. Square usually made of steel, cast iron or granite, according to the material it can be divided into cast iron square, magnesium aluminum square and granite.


An instrument having at least one right Angle and two or more straight sides, used for drawing or testing right angles. Is a professional measuring tool, referred to as the square, in some occasions is also called by the ruler, according to the material it can be divided into cast iron square, magnesium aluminum square and granite knife mouth square stone square, it is sometimes used for marking. It is suitable for the verticality test of machine tools, mechanical equipment and parts, installation processing positioning, marking and so on. It is an important measuring tool in the machinery industry. It is characterized by high accuracy, good stability and easy maintenance.


Granite square, the use of high quality "Ji 'nan green" stone by mechanical processing and hand fine grinding. Black luster, precision structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, high hardness, can maintain high precision under heavy load and general temperature, and has no rust, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no magnetization, no variation of the advantages, used for detection, measurement, marking, equipment installation, industrial engineering construction.

Magnesium aluminum square is also called magnesium aluminum square, light weight is easy to handle, not easy to deformation, yield point more than the general steel cast iron, etc.


In addition, please pay attention to the metal products, in the production process or transportation will produce scratches or scratches, which is unavoidable under normal circumstances, the appearance does not affect the use of.


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