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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Long life 3V lithium battery, environmental friendly.

  • Zero-setting at any postion ,convenient for relative and absolute measure conversion.

  • Mm/inch/conversion at any position

  • Quality Assurance ,High accuracy

  • Easy to operate,Easy to carry

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   Welcome to Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , Ltd.

Founded in 2011, the testing equipment division of Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co. , Ltd. , the company is a high-tech Enterprise, which is equipped with a complete set of test equipment, research, development and manufacture, and has been established by many years of professional talents in electronic technology and instrument research and development.

      The company mainly engaged in high-precision equipment and instruments are: laboratory environmental testing instrument, elements testing hyphenated instrument, floor special residual indentation meter, lock-size tester, linear angle tester, micro-computer push-pull tester, bending strength tester, high-precision image projector, casters test machine, ball tester, sand meter, scratch tester, wear tester. General instruments are gloss meter, whiteness meter, energy meter, density meter, infrared thermometer, viscometer, thickness meter, depth meter, analytical balance, caliper, plug gauge and other instruments and equipment, welcome to call us!


The following is a brief description of the digital caliper:

Digital Caliper is a kind of measuring tool for measuring length, inside and outside diameter and depth. The digital display caliper has the characteristics of intuitive reading, convenient use and various functions.

The digital display caliper is mainly composed of a ruler body, a sensor, a control operation part and a digital display part.


Working principle of digital caliper

The ruler body of the digital caliper is equipped with high-precision rack, the rack movement drives the circular grid piece to rotate, and the displacement of the caliper claw is converted into a pulse signal by the photoelectric pulse counting principle, through the counter and the display will measure the size with the number display on the screen.


Usage of digital calipers:

The preparatory work

1) Dry the surface of the digital caliper body and clean each measuring surface

2) Loosen the fastening screw, move the ruler frame, and check whether the display screen and each key work properly

1) Press the on key to turn on the power

2) Press the metric and inch conversion key to select the required units

3) Move the frame of the digital caliper to make the two outer measuring surfaces touch by pressing the zero key to set zero, then normal measurement can be carried out.

Digital caliper reading method:

Read the measured value directly in the LCD display window.

Measuring method of digital caliper:

The length, inner and outer diameter and depth of the parts can be measured efficiently by connecting digital caliper with data acquisition instrument directly.


Advantages of digital calipers:

1. Save manpower and improve efficiency

Digital calipers are used to directly connect the detection instrument for automatic data acquisition (such as digital calipers, dial gauges, altimeters, thickness gauges, electronic scales, tension meters, depth vernier calipers, etc.), without manual data recording by operators, saving labor costs;

2. Connect multiple instruments

The data acquisition instrument is equipped with two serial ports, which can connect two instruments at the same time for automatic measurement;

3, digital caliper for data analysis

The measurement data is automatically saved in the system's memory card. Users can use USB to export data files for relevant analysis. Users can also obtain the measurement data directly through the network.

4. Alarm and error prevention

The software has rich functions and is easy to operate. In case of exceeding the specification standard, the system will alarm with sound and color.

5. Mobile measurement

Digital calipers support mobile measurement, which can be operated by operators on the site to conduct quality inspection of products;

6, support manual entry

Digital calipers support manual input, and compared with the traditional paper recording mode, it avoids manual secondary input and saves labor cost.1621061603.png1621061491.jpg   

Points to note

1) before starting to use, use a dry clean cloth (can be dipped in a little cleaning oil) repeatedly wipe the protective film surface.

2) working environment: temperature 5-40 °C, relative humidity 80, to prevent the moisture of the liquid substances wet protective film surface.

3) do not apply voltage to any part of the circuit (such as writing with a stylus) to avoid damage to the circuit.

4) set the starting point of the measurement correctly (see how to use it) , and do not press the ON/O key unless you change the setting to avoid measurement errors.

5) measuring the sharp tip of the claw to prevent bruising.


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