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Five Advantages Of Products

  • An energy meter is an instrument used to measure the UV energy of an exposure device.

  • The main sensor of the energy meter is on the back of the measuring instrument, and the measuring range is 250~410 nanometers.

  • When the energy meter measures, it can be directly displayed on the display screen on the front of the UV energy meter and read out (unit: millijoules/square centimeter)

  • The power supply for the energy meter is a 3.6 volt lithium battery

  • The battery of the energy meter can last about 10,000 hours due to the use of a special energy saving circuit.

Product Details

Introduction of energy meter:

       Energy meter is used to measure the UV energy of different light sources, especially for printing machines. Ensure ideal quality control during printing and drying. The energy meter can measure the spectral range of 250-410 nanometers, and the optimal sensing peak spectral output is 330 nanometers. The relative value is taken into account when adding the amount of incoming rays during the exposure cycle.


Energy meter parameters:

Model: UV-INT150

Size: Diameter 90㎜ Height 12㎜

Weight: about 150g

Applicable equipment: UV ultraviolet dryer, exposure machine

Measuring range: 0-5000mW/cm2

Energy display: LCD 0-999999mj/cm2

Power supply: Lithium battery 3.6 V

Measuring range: 250-410nm (spectrographic wavelength)

Power consumption: about 10000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)

Working temperature (°C): 0-70°C, the UV energy meter can withstand temperature of 110°C on the conveyor belt for no more than 10 seconds


How to use the energy meter:

    1.Turn the switch on the right side of the energy meter to the "ON" position. At this time, the display of the energy meter will display the number '"O" mj/cm2.

    2.To prepare for measurement, face the sensor window of the energy meter to the UV light source to ensure the validity of the measurement.

   3.When the energy meter is illuminated by the light source for a certain period of time, the recorded energy value is read on the display screen.

   4. Every time you take a new measurement, you need to turn off the energy meter and turn it on again. The display will be reset to "0" mi/cm2, and then you can continue to operate according to the above steps.

   5.If your process requires it, you can also measure repeatedly. The reading after each measurement does not need to be reset to zero, then the last reading displayed on the instrument will be the accumulated value of multiple repeated measurements.


Maintenance of energy meter:

    1. Please handle it with care, avoid shaking the energy meter frequently or breaking the energy meter.

    2.After each measurement, please turn off the energy meter in time. If you do not use the energy meter for a long time, please put the energy meter in the packaging box for storage.

   3.When measuring, please do not look directly at the UV light source of the energy meter to avoid strong light radiation on the bare skin.

   4.When measuring, please avoid placing the LCD screen on the front of the energy meter directly in a strong light or high heat environment.

   5.For the data calibration of the energy meter, it is recommended to calibrate it once a year to ensure the accuracy of the data detection of the energy meter!