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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Electronic balance used to weigh the mass of objects generally use strain sensor, capacitive sensor, electromagnetic balance sensor, electronic balance with accurate and reliable weighing, display fast and clear and automatic detection system.

  • Electronic balance comes with sensor excitation power supply, easy to use, electronic balance in the air scale zero, zero tracking, calibration, the maximum scale, dividing the location of the parameters of the setting unit, easy to change.

  • Compared with traditional balance, electronic balance has higher stability, sensitivity, correctness and invariance of indicator value. Control of zero position and return to zero error of electronic balance, control of electronic balance indicating value drift at specified time when the electronic balance is unloaded or loaded.

  • Electronic balance according to the different needs of customers, set different precision display, with accurate display value correctness, error value is more accurate.

  • Electronic balance has relatively high sensitivity and stability: the sensitivity of electronic balance is mainly expressed by the fractional sensitivity, or digital sensitivity. The ability of electronic balances to automatically return to their original equilibrium position after they are disturbed.

Product Details

Introduction to electronic balance:

Electronic balance, also known as analytical balance or precision balance, is a balance that uses electromagnetic forces to balance the gravity of an object. Electronic balance has the advantages of accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display and automatic detection system, simple operation and easy maintenance.


Selection of electronic balance:

  1. Determine the maximum measuring range before choosing the electronic balance: the measuring range of the electronic balance should be greater than the maximum sample weight you need.

  2. Determine the measuring accuracy of the electronic balance: the precision of the selected electronic balance should be one precision higher than that required in actual use, such as the required precision of 0.1g. It is better to choose the electronic balance with the precision of 0.01g to ensure the accuracy of weighing.

  3. If there is no special requirement for measurement accuracy, it is recommended to choose the electronic balance with an accuracy of 0.1g.


The use of electronic balance

1.Installation of electronic balance

  Working environment: Electronic balance is a high-precision measuring instrument, so the installation position of electronic balance should pay attention to:Installation platform stable, flat, avoid vibration;

Avoid direct sunlight and heat, avoid working in high humidity environment;

Avoid in direct air flow channels.

Electronic balance installation: in strict accordance with the instrument instructions.

2.The use of electronic balance

 1.Level adjustment: Before starting the electronic balance, it is necessary to observe whether the blister in the level at the back of the balance is located in the center of the ring. Otherwise, it will be adjusted by the anchor bolt of the balance, and the left will rise and the right will fall.

 2.Preheating: The electronic balance needs at least 30 minutes of preheating time when it is switched on for the first time or turned on after a long period of power failure. Therefore, laboratory electronic balance in the usual circumstances, do not often cut off the power supply.


 Press the ON/OFF key of the electronic balance to switch on the display;

Wait for the electronic balance self-test. When the display shows zero, the self-check process is over and the electronic balance can be weighed;

Place the weighing paper and peel it by pressing the Tare key on both sides of the display. When the display displays zero, add the reagent to be weighed on the weighing paper and weigh it.

After weighing, press the ON/OFF key of the electronic balance and turn off the display.


Notes for the use of electronic balance:

1. Put the electronic balance on a stable workbench to avoid vibration, airflow and sunlight.

2. Adjust the level bubble of the electronic balance to the middle position before use.

3. The electronic balance should be preheated according to the instructions.

4, in the use of electronic balance to weigh volatile and corrosive items, to be placed in a closed container, so as to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance.

5, the electronic balance is often self-checked or regularly checked outside, to ensure that it is in the best condition.

6, if the electronic balance failure should be timely maintenance, not with "disease" work.

7, the operation of the electronic balance can not be overloaded to avoid damage to the electronic balance.

8, if the long-term use of electronic days usually should be temporarily collected as well.


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