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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Density meter also known as electronic density meter or hydrometer, mainly used to detect the density of products.

  • The density meter has the function of density and volume direct reading, and can display automatically without calculation.

  • Density meter built-in rechargeable battery, equipped with wind shield, more suitable for field testing.

  • Density meter widely used, according to the function can be divided into solid density meter, liquid density meter, powder density meter, multi-function density meter.

  • Density meter can be used in solid materials, rubber, wire and cable, aluminum products, plastic PVC particles, Powder metallurgy, mineral rocks, Eva foam materials, glass industry, metal products, precision ceramics, Refractory, magnetic materials, alloy materials, mechanical parts, metal recycling, minerals and rocks, cement manufacturing, jewelry industry and other new materials research laboratories.

Product Details

Density meter introduction

    Density meter MDJ-300S is used for solid materials, rubber, wire and cable, aluminum products, plastic PVC particles, powder metallurgy, mineral rocks, EVA foam materials, glass industry, metal products, precision ceramics, refractory materials, magnetic materials, alloy materials, machine parts, metal recovery, mineral and rock, cement manufacturing, jewelry industry and other new materials research and experiment room


   Density meter principle: in accordance with ASTM D792, ASTM D297, GB/T1033, GB/T2951, GB/T3850, GB/T533, HG4-1468, JIS K6268, ISO 2781, ISO 1183, GB/T208, GB/T5163, GB/T 1933, BS2782 Part 6 Method 620D, ASTM D1505-68, ISO 1183 and other standards.

   Density meter (solid density meter) using HBM sensor imported from Germany, better measurement repeatability, two steps directly read any solid, particles, floating material density, easy to operate. PC water tank, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, 0.5cm stainless steel wire, no bending no deformation, vertical with the hanger do not touch the water tank, can be determined the percentage of the main material content.


Density meter technical parameters:

1. Model: MDJ-300S

2. Density analysis: 0.001g /cm3

3.MAX weighing: 300g

4.MIN weighing: 0.005g

5. Density measurement range: 0.001 -- 99.999g/cm3

6. Type of measurement: any irregular density > 1 or < 1 block, particle, floating body

7. Test principle: Archimedes buoyancy method

8. Test time :5-20 seconds

9. Correction mode: single key weight correction, automatic detection

10. Display value: weight g, density g/cm3, volume cm3, percentage %


Main functions of density meter:

1. With density, volume direct reading measurement function, without calculation can be automatically displayed

2. Can set the upper limit and lower limit of density, can automatically judge whether the product is qualified or not, with prompt function

3. Use water as the medium or other liquid medium [solution compensation function]

4. With the actual water temperature setting function [temperature compensation function]

5. The use of integrated forming large capacity PC measuring water tank (length 15.3 × width 10.7 × height 8.0cm), anti-corrosion, but also more convenient to test bulk solid [can be customized according to the measurement of product size of different sizes of the water tank]

6. Built-in charging battery, equipped with wind hood, more suitable for field test

7. With RS-232C communication interface, convenient connection between PC and printer, optional XF-68 printer to print measurement data


Density meter MDJ-300S standard accessories:

Density meter host measuring sink density measuring table tweezers power transformer correction weight windproof dust cover measuring particle accessories (tennis ball, beaker) measuring floating body accessories (anti-floating frame) Certificate of qualification

Optional accessories: XF-68 Density meter printer computer data connection cable

Use of density meter:


Put the product into the measuring table, measure the weight in the air, and press ENTER to remember.

Put the product into the water to measure the weight of the water, press ENTER key memory, display the density value.

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