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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Desktop magnifying glass, similar to table lamp shape, placed on the desktop magnifying glass, suitable for electronic engineers to observe and test the fine components, components dense circuit boards. Or medical staff, beauticians and other jobs that require lighting amplification.

  • Desktop magnifying glass with double combination of amplification and illumination, can be selected according to different requirements of magnification. Suitable for circuit board inspection, processing, installation in the electronic industry.

  • Desktop magnifying glass light stable and reliable, no flicker sense, no impact on vision. Advanced white lenses can be configured to reduce visual fatigue caused by long time use.

  • Desktop magnifying glass has different colors to choose from, beautify the working environment. Suitable for engraving processing, fine operation observation.

  • Bench magnifying glass is suitable for simple minor medical surgery. It also applies to various amblyopia groups.

Product Details

Table magnifying Glass Introduction:

      A simple visual optical device used to observe minute details of an object. It is a converging lens with a focal length much smaller than the clear distance of the eye. The size of the image on the retina of the human eye is proportional to the Angle of view of the object. Desktop magnifiers have a variety of magnifications. There are a variety of hand-held magnifiers, desktop magnifiers, and cylindrical magnifiers available on the market according to people's habits.


Table magnifying glass parameters:

Product name: desktop magnifying glass

Nickname: desktop magnifying glass, high magnifying glass, magnifying glass with lamp.

Specifications Models: 3X, 5X, 8X, 10X, 15X, 20X

Voltage: 220V, customized 110V

Power: 15W, 22W

Material: ABS, 304 stainless steel

Lens material: white glass, blue glass, etc.

Weight: 8Kg

Scope of application: factory precision manufacturing industry, miniature processing industry, experimental analysis, electronic circuit manufacturing and household, reading appraisal, mechanical maintenance, etc.

Desktop magnifying glass factory standard:

1. A magnifying glass.

2. A copy of factory instruction manual.

3. Select several replacement multiple lenses.

4. Qualification certificate, warranty card.

Use of bench magnifying glass:

1. Place the magnifying glass on a flat work table and clean the lens and other small parts.

2. Please use the safe power supply, and press the switch to turn on the lamp as required.

3. Place the measured item under the mirror lens to observe the operation.


Desktop magnifying glass advantage features:

1. Desktop magnifying glass white glass lens after magnifying pure static clear natural, no stroboscopic, protect eyes.

2. Bench magnifying glass can adjust the height and direction according to the operation needs.

3. Stable bottom, not easy to tip over, easier work.

4. High power and bright LED lamp, high brightness, more power saving.

Desktop magnifying glass use note:

1. The fine parts of the magnifying glass, such as the lamp tube and lens, are fragile. Please be careful when operating.

2. Do not work in high temperature and humid environment.

3. If the items to be amplified and detected are ultrafine products or corrosive products, please take defensive measures by yourself.


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