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DMM multimeter digital multimeter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The price of the DMM digital multimeter is relatively low, and the practicability is high.

  • DMM digital multimeter has 11 measurement functions, covering the most commonly used measurement parameters and the accuracy of all test functions meets ISO technical standards.

  • DMM digital multimeter adopts USB 2.0 interface compatible with TMC, supports SCPI test commands, and is compatible with CE.

  • DMM digital multimeter is equipped with KI-Tool software and embedded software tools in Microsoft Word and Excel. The durable structure is suitable for test benches and portable applications. Front and rear panel inputs are optional, which is convenient for test benches or machines. Rack application.

  • DMM digital multimeter can also choose a complete set of accessories including startup software, USB cable, power cord, and safety test probe, which can save costs for users to the greatest extent.

Product Details

Introduction to DMM digital multimeter:

Product Name: DMM digital multimeter

Weight: 300 grams

Unit of measurement: Taiwan

Scope of application: Measurement of voltage, resistance and current.


Overview of DMM digital multimeter:

The so-called DMM digital multimeter is also called a multimeter, also known as a comprehensive electricity meter. . A DMM digital multimeter is an electronic instrument used in electrical measurements. A DMM digital multimetercan have many special functions, but the main function is to measure voltage, resistance and current. To use DMM digital multimeter safely, the first step is to choose a DMM digital multimeter that is suitable for the application and meets the application environment. Once the proper DMM has been chosen, it's up to you to use it as normal for your application!

Common causes of DMM damage:

1. When the probe is still in the current jack, use it to measure the AC voltage.

2. In the resistance mode, test the AC power supply.

3. Withstand too high transients.

4. Exceeding the maximum input limit (voltage and current.


Types of DMM digital multimeter   protection circuits:

1. Automatic recovery protection. Some watch circuitry, when it detects an overload, protects the watch until the condition no longer exists. After the overload is removed, the Meter automatically returns to normal operation. It is usually used to protect the resistance function and avoid voltage overload.

2. There is no automatic recovery function. Some watches will protect the watch after detecting overload, but it will not automatically recover until the user takes corresponding measures, such as replacing the resistor, to resume use.


Features of DMM digital multimeter in terms of safety

1. Fuse current input protection

2. Use a high-energy fuse (600 volts or higher)

3. High voltage protection (500 volts or higher) in resistance mode

4. Voltage transient protection (6000 volts or higher)

5. Safely designed test leads, safety handles, etc.

6. Independent security certification


The main measurement methods of the DMM digital multimeter :

Two-wire resistance and four-wire resistance, and even true ohmic resistance measurement mode. It is well known that four-wire resistance measurements eliminate the effects of lead errors on two-wire resistance measurements. In practical applications, most calibrators have two-wire and four-wire compensation functions to eliminate the influence of wire errors and improve measurement accuracy; however, improper operation will lead to incorrect calibration measurement results.

How a DMM digital multimeter works:

The function of measuring voltage, current and resistance is realized through the conversion circuit part, and the measurement of current and resistance is based on the measurement of voltage, that is to say, DMM digital multimeter is expanded on the basis of the digital DC voltmeter. The converter converts the analog voltage that changes continuously with time into a digital quantity, and then the electronic counter counts the digital quantity to obtain the measurement result, and then displays the measurement result by the decoding display circuit. The logic control circuit controls the coordinated work of the circuit, and completes the entire measurement process in sequence under the action of the clock.

Precautions for the use of DMM digital multimeter:

1. Pay attention to check the battery voltage, if the LCD shows that the voltage is low, you should replace the battery before using it

2. When the black test lead is inserted into M to measure voltage, resistance or current, and the red test lead is inserted into V/Ω or A respectively to measure the triode and capacitor, 3. Insert the triode and capacitor into the corresponding sockets respectively

3. Select the appropriate measurement file according to the measurement object

4. When measuring resistance, the resistance should not be charged; when measuring larger capacitance, the capacitor should be short-circuited and discharged first

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