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fluorescence spectrophotometer

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fluorescence spectrophotometer / Halogen detector / X-ray fluorescence analyzer
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The fluorescence spectrometer has high analysis precision, good stability and low failure rate

  • The maintenance cost of the fluorescence spectrometer is low and the cost performance is high. No consumables are needed for daily use. The main configurations are all original products from the United States, and the total price is only half of the imported instruments

  • The fluorescence spectrometer adopts anti-radiation measures, fully enclosed lead plate double maze anti-radiation measures, in line with international radiation standards

  • The fluorescence spectrometer has a long service life. The side window type X-ray tube has stable performance and low replacement cost. The tube pressure and tube flow will automatically decrease in the standby state, which can better protect the light tube and prolong the service life

  • The measurement and positioning of the fluorescence spectrometer has a 1.3 million-pixel color CCD camera, which can monitor the measurement position of the sample at any time

Product Details

Introduction of fluorescence spectrometer:

Fluorescence spectrometer is an instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Through the test of fluorescence spectrum, information on excitation spectrum, emission   spectrum, fluorescence lifetime and concentration of liquid samples can be obtained. The composition of the fluorescence spectrometer is similar in hardware, the difference mainly lies in the hardware material, the precision of the instrument and some minor functions. The fluorescence spectrometer is widely used in various fields, and the high power of the new X-ray tube is used to improve the testing efficiency of the instrument. Fluorescence spectrometers are often used in conjunction with liquid chromatography to more comprehensively detect product elements and be more accurate!


Application fields of fluorescence spectrometer:

Fluorescence spectrometer is mainly used in RoHS detection and analysis, composition analysis of minerals and alloys (copper, stainless steel, etc.), thickness measurement of metal coating, determination of plating solution and coating content, content detection of gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals and various jewelry .


Product features of fluorescence spectrometer:

1. At the same time meet ROHS, halogen, coating, alloy and other material analysis

2. Continue to use the mature x-ray fluorescence technology

3. Integrated FP method, Alpha coefficient method, empirical coefficient method

4. Various humanized test reports can be generated

5. Design of combination of soft and hard

6. Easy to operate, one-button operation design

7. Swimming intelligent software automatically sets parameters and filters

8. Rapid and non-destructive analysis of samples

9. Full Chinese report: All Chinese operation analysis software has low requirements for operators. The test results can directly generate humanized analysis reports, and various styles of analysis reports can also be customized in the analysis software;


Analytical functions of the fluorescence spectrometer:

   The fluorescence spectrometer has a powerful analysis management software, the historical data is permanently stored, and can be recalled at any time for comparison; the parameters of different types of samples are automatically set without manual operation;


Basic parameters of fluorescence spectrometer:

1. Detector: Amptek Sii-PIN detector, high-speed pulse analysis system;

2. High voltage power supply: Spellman 50w (50kv/MA)

3. X-ray tube: 50w side window beryllium window type x-ray tube;

4. Energy resolution: 149ev;

5. Element analysis model: sulfur (S) - uranium (u);

6. Measuring time: 60-300S;

7. Measuring content range: 1ppm-99.9%;

8. AC 220v power supply equipment: 1KVA AC purification and regulated power supply;

9. Working temperature: 10-30°C;

10. Measurement conditions: atmospheric environment;

The standard configuration of the fluorescence spectrometer:

Amptek Si-PIN Detectors

2. Amptek signal detection electronic circuit

3. Spellman high voltage power supply

4. Side window beryllium window type × light pipe

5. Computer and inkjet printer

The instrument principle of the fluorescence spectrometer:

The energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer uses the characteristics of different energies of fluorescent X-rays to sequentially detect the fluorescent X-rays from the sample to obtain a series of pulses whose amplitude is proportional to the photon energy, which are amplified by the amplifier and then sent to the multi-channel pulse analyzer. . The number of pulses is counted according to the size of the pulse amplitude, and the pulse amplitude can be scaled by × photon energy, so as to obtain the distribution curve of the count rate with the change of photon energy, that is, the × photon energy spectrum.

2. Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis

Warm reminder: Due to the continuous upgrading of the fluorescence spectrometer, the picture of the fluorescence spectrometer is for reference only, please consult by email for details! More high-quality products welcome your consultation!