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Do you know the matters needing attention in the use and maintenance of the incinerator?
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Precautions for use of incinerator: 

When the incinerator is used for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, it must be oven dried: open the oven door at 20~200℃ for 2-3h, and close the door at 200~600℃ for 2-3h. The thermostat should avoid vibration, and the location should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent overheating and preventing the electronic components from working properly. When moving the thermostat, set the power switch to "off". Before use, adjust the thermostat to the required working temperature, turn on the start code to energize the incinerator. At this time, the ammeter has a reading, and the temperature measured by the temperature control meter gradually rises, indicating that the incinerator and thermostat are working normally.

The working environment requires that the relative humidity does not exceed 85% and the ambient temperature is 0-40℃. There is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas. It is forbidden to directly pour various liquids and molten metals into the furnace, and always keep the furnace clean.

When in use, the furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum furnace temperature, nor shall it work for a long time at the rated temperature. During the experiment, the user is not allowed to leave and pay attention to temperature changes at any time. If an abnormal situation is found, the power should be cut off immediately and repaired by professional maintenance personnel. .When using, the furnace door should be lightly closed and opened to prevent damage to the parts. Crucible tongs should be handled gently when taking samples to ensure safety and avoid damage to the furnace.

 Do not open the furnace door after the temperature exceeds 600 degrees. Open the furnace door after the temperature in the furnace cools naturally. After the experiment is completed, the sample is withdrawn from heating and the power is turned off. When the sample is placed in the furnace, the furnace door should be opened slightly. After the sample has cooled down, the sample should be carefully clamped to prevent burns. The heated crucible should be transferred to a desiccator for cooling, and placed on a buffer refractory material to prevent moisture absorption, explosion and cracking, and then weighed.

When handling the muffle furnace, pay attention to avoid serious resonance, and place it away from flammable, explosive, and water. It is strictly forbidden to lift the furnace door to avoid damage to the furnace door.


The following are the precautions for maintenance of the incinerator:

Regularly check whether the wiring of the electric furnace and the controller is in good condition, whether the pointer of the indicator is stuck or stagnated when moving, and use a potentiometer to verify the fatigue and balance of the meter due to magnetic steel, demagnetization, wire expansion, and shrapnel Increased error caused by destruction.

Do not pull out the thermocouple suddenly at high temperature to prevent the jacket from bursting.

Keep the furnace chamber clean and remove oxides in the furnace in time

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