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Three factors of "talent shortage" in the instrumentation industry
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Three factors of "talent shortage" in the instrumentation industry     

Interpret the three major factors of "talent shortage" in the instrumentation industry. The current development bottleneck of the instrumentation industry has a considerable relationship with the shortage of talents. The urgent need for talents has almost become the answer to the question of talents for instrumentation SMEs. However, this kind of senseless lament about "talent shortage" does not really have a positive meaning for the actual development of instrumentation companies. To improve the current talent situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is necessary to start from the source of the shortage of talents, which may give some enlightenment.     

Weak system in the instrumentation industry     

First of all, the country's overall system and policies for the organic integration of industry, academia, and research have not been formed, the transformation rate of innovation achievements is low, and the application of technology is poor. In the early stage of reform and opening up, there was a big gap between the instrumentation industry and foreign countries, and companies generally sought out technology sources. Although there have been recent changes and some companies have come to the fore, in general, the combination of independent innovation technological achievements and applications has not been good. Large companies are difficult to grow.

my country's scientific research institutions have made many scientific research achievements involving measurement and control technology and related instruments, but their practicality is poor. The research depth and intensity of related manufacturing technologies, especially core process technologies, is insufficient, and the workload of secondary development is very large. The conversion rate of results is low. High- and mid-range instrument products and systems involve a certain depth of application technology in different fields. Foreign companies have professional departments and have experienced application talents, while Chinese instrumentation companies are often unfamiliar with large-scale engineering processes and lack the ability to integrate application technologies. . Therefore, it is more difficult to produce high-end products.     

]Second, there is a lack of a strong national research support system. The instrumentation industry has many varieties and small batches, requiring long-term and unremitting investment. However, the current state investment channels are scattered and it is difficult to concentrate on the focus. Companies can neither participate in competition in full compliance with market economic rules like foreign companies, nor do they lack strategic investment in research resources. At the same time, the market environment required for the marketization of new technologies is not yet perfect.

As the system and mechanism are not straightened out, my country's instrumentation industry naturally lacks high-level compound talents, and lacks comprehensive talents who are familiar and proficient in various disciplines. Instrument science and technology not only involve a wide range of disciplines, but only those who can discover, utilize and integrate the latest scientific and technological achievements such as new principles, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new processes as soon as possible can design and manufacture world-class Measurement control and instrumentation products. The shortage of talents naturally affects the development of the industry. This is undoubtedly an important reason for the gap between domestic instruments and imported products.

With the continuous development of enterprises, the demand and shortage of relevant high-end professionals will become more severe. Judging from the current situation of the instrumentation industry, the main reasons for the shortage of highly skilled personnel are as follows:     

  1. People's neglect of vocational and technical education Although the concept of respecting knowledge and talents in today's society has been recognized by the society, the current education system emphasizes academic education and neglects skill training is the main reason for the shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand, the technical school, which is an important transportation base for skilled workers, also has great difficulties in running schools: the equipment required to train manufacturing talents is expensive and the utilization rate is low; there are few students and the school's enthusiasm is not high.    

  2.  The cultivation of talents by enterprises is not enough. The training cycle of highly skilled talents is relatively long. The training of highly skilled talents requires not only the training of schools, but also the accumulation of a large amount of work experience and skills in actual work. Learn and practice continuously.

  3. The evaluation, incentive and flow mechanism for high-skilled talents has not yet been formed. In the evaluation of skilled talents, there are limits of proportion, age, qualifications and status, and there is no establishment of professional ability-oriented, work performance as the focus, and professionalism A new evaluation system for skilled talents based on ethics and professional knowledge.

Mistakes in corporate talent introduction policies    

  1. Disregard the reserve talent pool

  2. The value of key talents does not match the treatment

  3. Talent management "rule of man" is more important than "rule of law"

To sum up, the shortage of senior talents in the instrumentation industry has attracted the attention of relevant departments in various places, and has taken countermeasures. For enterprises, it is true that high salaries may find excellent high-tech personnel, but it does not fundamentally solve the problem of talent shortage. The lack of high-tech talents involves talent gaps. Solving this problem is a long way to go.

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