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What is an aging cabinet? what's the effect?
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What is an aging cabinet? What is it for? 

Next, RUNZHI will introduce to you what the aging cabinet is and what its functions are. The aging cabinet, as the name implies, is a cabinet for aging test, so what is aging test? Let me give you a detailed analysis, I believe you will suddenly realize after reading it. Aging test is a process to improve the quality of products and their components by testing the operation of components under normal and accelerated environmental conditions before leaving the factory. The test process involved in burn-in testing helps to make substandard components fail and replace the equipment before it reaches the consumer. For example, an LED lamp manufacturer said that the LED lamps they produce can last 50,000 hours. How did they get it? It is the result obtained after the aging test of the LED lamp through the aging cabinet. The aging cabinet can accelerate the LED lamp to what will happen after 50,000 hours of use. Therefore, the aging cabinet is a device for judging the quality of a product. If an LED lamp manufacturer does not even have an aging cabinet, we can know what the manufacturer produces The quality of the LED lights will not be much better.


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Do the big guys know what the aging cabinet does?

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