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Electronic moisture meter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • First of all, it uses the principle of heating weight loss method to calculate the content of evaporated water through the weight change after the water in the sample is evaporated by halogen lamp heating
  • It can measure the moisture content of sample quickly and accurately to a certain extent
  • It is a kind of instrument that can quickly measure the moisture content of material, and it has a wide range of uses.
  • It is widely used in food, chemical, plastic, agriculture and forestry industries, raw materials, production process, laboratory quality control
  • It has a wide range of uses, and is suitable for almost all industries that need to measure moisture

Product Details

Product name: electronic moisture tester (electronic moisture meter)

Specification model: RZ-50

Appearance size: 265*150*160mm

Maximum weighing: 50g

Display accuracy: 0.01g, 0.005g, 0.001g

Suggested sample size: 3-10g

Heating time: 1-99 minutes interval 1 minute.

Accuracy of moisture percentage: 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.1%

Weighing pan size: Φ90mm

Temperature adjustment range: 50-180℃

Environment temperature: 10-30℃

Scope of application: halogen heating/grain moisture tester

Total weight: 4Kg

Heating source: halogen lamp

Remarks: The electronic moisture tester is used to detect moisture, mainly used to detect small batches of samples. Customers need to choose the appropriate moisture tester product according to their product performance and usage habits



The following are the characteristics of the electronic moisture tester:


● Large LCD screen-stable display of measurement information.

● Simple operation 6 buttons easily complete all operations, what you see is what you get.

● High performance-heat-insulating load cell technology is used to prevent the influence of the accuracy of the weighing during the heating process.

● Standard RS and built-in RS232C output interface Communication interface-easy to link printers, computers and other peripheral devices.

● Fast heating method RZ-50 electronic moisture analyzer (halogen heating moisture analyzer)-suitable for the determination of samples that require rapid heating.

● Used to quickly determine the free moisture of various samples such as chemical raw materials, grains, minerals, biological products, food, pharmaceutical raw materials, paper, textile raw materials, etc. During the test, you can directly confirm the dry state and estimate the end time. Because of the automatic peeling function, the measurement can be performed continuously in real time, and accurate measurement can also be performed through zero-point drift correction.


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