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Wood moisture tester

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How to test the moisture content of wood / Wood measuring instrument / Industrial refrigerator

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  • Urethral drainage trunk is to check the drainage trunk for leakage.
  • Moisture re testing instrument
  • Moisture detector
  • Epidermal tissue detector
  • and concentration meter

Product Details

Product introduction: 


Advantages: Compared with the traditional drying method for measuring moisture, microwave measurement of moisture has the advantages of fast and accurate.

Application areas: chemical industry, building materials, wood, paper, food, etc. This meter can also be used in laboratories to determine the absolute moisture content of moisture. The accuracy of the measurement results is high, and it is not affected by the particles, colors and any minerals contained in the product. It is made using the principle that microwave energy is attenuated when microwaves pass through materials and are absorbed. It can be used to measure coal, oil or various agriculturalThe moisture of crops; check the moisture of grain storage; measure the moisture content of soil, fabrics, etc. For the conveyor control type of the production line, a continuous non-contact online microwave measuring instrument can be installed.


as the picture shows. At this time, a pair of microwave antennas are installed on the measuring bracket on the production line. The transmitting antenna is installed under the belt, and the receiving antenna is installed on the belt.

Product parameters:


Product name: AR971 Wood Moisture Tester

Measurement range: 2%~70%

Resolution rate: 0.5%

Response time: 1 second

Measurement error: ±2%

Working environment: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉)

Wood type selection: 4 kinds

Data locked: Yes

Low battery reminder: Yes


Packing specification:


Power source: 9V battery

Product net weight: 100g

Product size: 150*54*27mm

Packing method: color box packaging

Standard carton capacity: 80

Standard carton size: 53*49*44cm

Standard gross weight of outer carton: 19.13kg


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