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 Dongguan Runzhi Electronics Co., Ltd. - Testing Instrument Division,by many years of professional electronic technology and instrument research and development professionals jointly set up a professional configuration of PVC, WPC, SPC plastic floor industry and other laboratory test equipment, research, development, manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.

 The company mainly engaged in precision instruments and equipment are: Laboratory experiment instrument, element detection combination instrument, meter floor dedicated residual sag, lock size tester, straight Angle detector, microcomputer pushing tension meter, static music intensity testing machine, testing machine, high precision video projector, caster and falling ball tester, sand meter,degrees, peel strength tester, scratch tester and wear tester. Universal instruments have a gloss meter, whiteness meter, energy meter, hydrometer, infrared thermometer, viscosity meter, thickness meter, depth gauge, analytical balance, such as caliper, feeler gauge equipment, products have strong pertinence, wide variety, complete function, quality, inventory adequate, after-sale protection and other advantages, in the company and the joint efforts of many customers, product and service day by day Perfect, get the trust of our customers, has been invited many famous enterprises on-site guidance, received warm praise, especially in Zhejiang area of China famous spread, in the instrument and equipment industry has a great influence.

Here is a brief description of the gauge parameters:

The thickness gauge is a kind of measuring tool which makes the linear displacement of the dial rod of the dial gauge change to the Angle position of the dial dial of the pointer through the change of the distance between the measuring head on the dial gauge and the fixed measuring anvil, and counts directly on the dial gauge.

Thickness gauge is mainly used to measure the thickness of paper, leather, rubber, fabric, sheet metal, glass and so on.

SM-112 800x800 04.png

Product name: thickness gauge

Specification: SM-112

Application: test thickness

Display mode: pointer

Accuracy: 0.01 mm

Operation Mode: hand-held

Read mode: read directly

Place of origin: Japan

 Weight: 150.00 grams

Scope of application: thickness measurement of leather paper, hair, rubber sheet, metal tube, plastic film

Model number: SM-114

Measuring Range: 0-10mm

Throat depth: 120 mm

Press < = 25N

Probe: Ceramic 

SM-114 800x800 03.png


Use and maintenance

The severe impact of indicator table should be avoided when using, so as not to affect the accuracy of counting.

Before use, the measuring surface of the two measuring heads should be wiped clean and the meter should be adjusted so that the large pointer is aligned with the "0" position, so that the actual size of the measured workpiece can be directly measured and read.

After use, the two measuring surfaces should be wiped and coated with anti-rust oil, and put into the packing box.

The gauge has been adjusted and fixed before leaving the factory. It is not allowed to disassemble the gauge and other parts casually.




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